At long last, you can finally be your own boss!

Haven’t you ever wanted to be your own boss? To decide for yourself how to spend your precious time. To make independent decisions. To fulfill your desires and realize your dreams more quickly? Then don’t think twice, join SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and become a Member right now.

Making money with word-of-mouth advertising

Imagine entering a store and buying a product, trying it out and falling in love with it. At that point you could, perhaps, talk about it with your friends. And one of your friends might decide to buy the same product. Would you get something for your advice? No, not you, but its producer, happy because your recommendation has increased his turnover, without his having to shell out a penny. We know that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective and efficient kind, and that's why we’re willing to pay something in order to benefit from it. We pay you a commission when one of your friends makes a purchase. That’s fine for us and for you even more so, because all that word-of-mouth advertising costs you is just a bit of your time, while it only costs us money when a purchase is made.

From extra income to main income

What starts as a sideline activity done in your spare time can suddenly balloon and become your main occupation. With SANUSBUSINESS that’s very likely to happen. Our entire system is managed by a very special and super-smart software controlling both distribution and remuneration. It thinks for you. It works for you. It issues invoices for you while your bank account grows. Even this, of course, happens automatically!

And much more

But SANUSBUSINESS offers much more. A business that is based on human contact, an option that combines business with pleasure, and a potential so great that it can’t be put into words.

A 4-time win-win situation

SANUSWORLD is a great online Community. Anyone can register for free as a FREE User, then use the most important tools, chat, post, blog, share, etc. And earn SANUSCREDITS. Which is not only fun but profitable too! Because SANUSCREDITS can be redeemed in buying products from SANUSSTORE. So you already save a lot of money! If you want to enjoy more benefits, then register as a Member and you will take advantage of a highly dynamic compensation plan that entitles you to more than 20 types of bonuses. And here’s the best part: with the World Store & Advertising Bonus you can also participate in advertising revenue. This means a total profit sharing of more than 70%!

We don’t just distribute products. We also produce quality products in the fields of water, food supplements and cosmetics. All highest quality products. 100% natural. Exclusive. With that certain something not found in traditional commerce. For this reason we offer them under our own labels. By registering as a PREMIUM Member you can qualify for a position that benefits from substantial, long-term discounts. On all ECAIA, ESORI and ANACOS products you can, in fact, enjoy discounts of up to 35%.

SANUSSTORE is our online Shop where you can find quality products we ourselves produce, as well as products from all other sectors and price ranges. The Shop also offers many advantages: 1. For the purchase of our products you will be rewarded with SANUSCREDITS. 2. You can use your SANUSCREDITS to buy other products at a cheaper price. 3. When your friends make purchases in SANUSSTORE, you receive a commission. This requires your registration as a BASIC or PREMIUM Member.

A great offer is certainly attractive. It creates even more benefits - for everyone. That’s why we’ve made our network available to other companies. Companies with high quality products. Thus bringing on board businesses that want to generate more sales. Our aim is to create a large shopping community. And even in this case, registered Member have a head start: in fact, whoever manages to enroll a company receives a hearty commission In addition, he or she will participate directly in sales concluded on the platform!

All the advantages with a click

The only requirement is that of having reached legal age. Other than that, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what you have done up to now, or whether you are male or female. What is important is that you are someone who wants to live better, earn more or, with any luck, even achieve economic independence. With just one click, you can change your life and pave the way to achieving your highest goals. It’s all up to you. So get going right now!