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SANUSLIFE is a company from South Tyrol (Italy), which was founded in 2006 by managing director Ewald Rieder. Together with his sister Verena Rieder and the partners Günther Frei and Florian Kerschbaumer, he turned SANUSLIFE into a company that primarily offers solutions for the filtration and ionization of drinking water. All products for drinking water treatment and optimization are marketed under the ECAIA brand. SANUSLIFE's other product portfolio includes the ESORI food supplement line and the ANACOS alkaline natural cosmetics line. The “SANUSPRODUCTS” are exclusive and not available in the classic trade. Instead of investing in classic advertising, SANUSLIFE relies on satisfied customers who are happy to recommend the products due to their uniqueness and high quality and in return receive a commission from the company.

On its 10th anniversary in 2016, the company expanded its offer with further products and services: This was followed, among other things, by the introduction of the in-house social media community SANUSWORLD, the opening of the referral marketing business for companies, the integration of a reward system with SANUSCREDIT and, in 2017, the development of the payment utility token SANUSCOIN with subsequent storage on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In 2021, SANUSLIFE is using its 15th anniversary as an opportunity to fully digitize its business and develop a brand new app that enables the purchase of its own products and those of partner companies worldwide 100% with SANUSCOINS. Digital cashback, contribution to environmental protection and participation of the network in every transaction are just a few of the benefits why users enjoy the app and make SANUSCOIN internationally known as a payment method.

Since 2020, the company has also been represented in Switzerland through the establishment of SANUSLIFE Administration AG, as the headquarters for international partnerships, the company is also represented in Switzerland.


The values that guide and inspire us in our business activities are:

  • Passion: Water is the source of all life. We all love water and we love living a beautiful and healthy life, to be shared with our dear ones for many years to come.
  • Respect: Mutual respect is essential as it represents the right approach paving the way for a fruitful and winning collaboration.
  • Quality: Although not immediately evident, the quality of our products is recognized at first sight by anyone using them. Wherever possible, we demonstrate the quality of our products with impressive certifications, tests and analyses.
  • Collaboration: Synergies are the key to achieving more. And we strive to achieve more. This can only be done together, because people need other people – and people help other people. This results in concentrated, unchecked energy, which leads us to achieve more.
  • Perseverance: We are choosy when it comes to our products. We spend a lot of time on research and development, and only bring a product to market when we ourselves are fully satisfied with it.


The mission of SANUSLIFE is:

  • To distribute opportunities so that everyone in the world can generate an independent income without prior knowledge and completely freely.
  • To offer everyone the opportunity to support themselves with their income at SANUSLIFE and even become financially free.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of clean, alkaline and antioxidant drinking water among the masses and to offer the appropriate solutions for each individual.
  • To give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more visibility and provide them with digital access to referral marketing.
  • To provide a means of payment through SANUSCOIN that everyone in the world can use and that can increase in value due to its limitation.
  • Doing good for the planet by donating a part to the protection of people, animals and the environment with every purchase in our online shop and through many other measures.


SANUSLIFE wants to use the new SANUSAPP to connect the crypto world and the business world, everyone to be able to generate an income through referral marketing, everyone in the world to be able to afford a mineral or electric water ionizer, the SANUSCOIN to become the world's most popular currency and - conditional on every contribution per SANUSCOIN transaction - there is a very big benefit for the planet.